A List Of Useful Words You Can Use In A Persuasive Essay

When you are tasked to work on a persuasive essay, of course, you wish to be able to convince your reader that what you are trying to point out is right. Indeed, in order for you to hone your writing, it is imperative that you ensure that your paragraphs and sentences have coherence, can stick together and also the breach between concepts or ideas is smoothly bridged.

It is essential to note that there is an effective method to do this and this is none other than the use of transitional words and phrases. In line with this, you can also consider techniques that can considerably assist in heaping two ideas together. Take in mind that such terms and phrases intend to represent one approach of obtaining coherence. Furthermore, specific terms aid pursue an idea, reveal a change of contrast as well as thought or summarize conclusions.

Please be guided that there are some common transition terms and phrases that are used to effectively convince the readers when writing a persuasive essay:

When you aim to pursue an event or an idea, you can freely use the following the terms:

  1. In the same way

  2. Furthermore

  3. Consequently

  4. Moreover

  5. Clearly

  6. In addition

  7. Then

  8. Besides that

  9. Additionally

  10. Pursuing this further

  11. Following this further

On the other hand, it is highly advised to refrain from using very common transitions like also, because and “and”. When you intend to alter your contrast or the so-called line of reasoning, you can use:

  1. Yet

  2. On the contrary

  3. However

  4. Nevertheless

  5. On the other hand

Please beware of using “but”.

When you are to open a paragraph, the following words are generally used:

  1. Assuredly

  2. Granted

  3. Admittedly

  4. Certainly

  5. Obviously

  6. No doubt

  7. Of course

  8. Nobody denies

  9. Undeniably

  10. True

  11. Unquestionably

  12. To be certain

  13. In this situation

  14. Generally speaking

  15. At this rate

  16. In general

If you wish to indicate your conclusion or the final point, consider using the following words:

  1. In conclusion

  2. Lastly

  3. Hence

  4. Finally

  5. Therefore

  6. Indeed

Please be reminded that all transition terms and phrases must be followed by a comma. It is worthy of note that the comma is especially meant to indicate a pause and that you are adding a new thought or you are trying to start a new idea.

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